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Since 1997, Sommer has continually written music.

This Interactive list includes only selection of officially issued or recorded scores.

Some music is not included in the archive because of a lack of scores or recordings.

Coffee with Ennio M. for ensemble

I wrote this piece for Musica Holešov Festival

Partita for piano

Commissioned by Opera Barga Festival 2018

"Časoplet" opera/comic on 100th anniversary of CR

I wrote Časoplet for Vize 97 foundation

Indiana - for saxophone quartet

Commisioned by Festival delle Nazioni, Italian Saxophone quartet, prem. 30.8.2018 – Citta di Castello

Ancient song for english horn and piano

I wrote this composition for well player on English horn Jana Hercigova

Gala Violin - match for 8 violinists and orchestra

I wrote this concertante work for my friend Pavel Šporcl and his collegues. FOK conducted Jessica Cottis

World premiere of Gala Violin - match for 8 violinists and orch.

World premiere of Gala Violin – match for 8 violinists and orch.


Concerto for oboe and orchestra

I wrote Oboe concerto for Vilém Veverka and South Bohemia Philharmonic

Odrodzona - dla Renaty M.

Work is comissioned by Pipe Fusion Duo, dedication to Renáta Malá

Eroticon for percussion ensemble

Eroticon is dedicated to Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble.

La fine del Tempo - for chamber orchestra

Winner composition (1st price, price of critic, price of public) of Concorso Novaro – International Composition Competition with chairman of Jury Kryzstof Penderecki. Played by Cameristi del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, cond. by Domenico Pierini in Teatro Goldoni di Firenze.

Sonata for flute and piano

Sonata was written for my friend, one of most flutist on the world Carlo Jans. I dedicated it to Jindřich Feld, which flute music is most popular among flutist from contemporary Czech music.

Song for Kathrine (for wind ensemble)

Song was written for Colorado Chamber Winds for festival American Spring.

Samba rustica for flute, guitar and djembe

Samba is dedicated for incredible artists – flutist Lenka Kozderková and djembe player Kateřina Ferlesová.


I wrote short piece for Chicago friends Civitas ensemble.

Gypsy Odyssey (for violin and large ensemble)

Gypsy Odyssey (for violin and large ensemble)

I wrote „Odyssey“ for famous violinist Pavel Šporcl, Gypsy Way ensemble and Chicago group Civitas ensemble. World premiere was in The Church of St. Simon and St. Jude in 4.1. 2017, American premiere was in Chicago Merit School of Music 21.5.2017.

Elf - string quartet No. 2

Elf – string quartet No. 2

I wrote my second String quartet for my friend, leader of Sedláček quartet, Michal Sedláček.

Missa brevis

Missa brevis

I. Kyrie, II. Gloria, III. Credo, IV. Sanctus, V. Benedictus, VI. Agnus Dei

I wrote Missa brevis for Prague Singers, which premiered it in 2016.

Point - movement for strings

Point..? – movement for strings

Composition was written for Sedunum Orchestra, which is premiered it in 2016.

Sindibad - children musical on own libretto

Sindibad – children musical on own libretto

I wrote musical Sindibad for our music school in Lysá nad Labem, it has performed over 70 children performers.

Sindibád - plakát

Live recording from premiere by TV Manola

Concerto for orchestra

Concerto for orchestra

I. Danza, II. Nenia, III. Vivat barocco!, IV. Meditazione, V. Toccata

Concerto is dedicated to Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and conductor Jan Kučera. World premiere was 1.6. 2016

Koncert pro orchestr celé

Ambassador house in Karlovy Vary, world premiere

Judith - Symphony concertante for organ and strings

Judith – Symphony Concertante for Organ and Strings

The symphony is dedicate to Orchestra Atlantis, but first performance was on the International Festival of Eduard Nápravník.

Judita 1 - Full Score-page-001 Judita 2-page-001

Version with narrator

Impromptu - in memoriam H. Dutilleux

Impromptu  – in memoriam H. Dutilleux

The Impromptu I wrote for international oboe competition of the Prague Spring in 2014, I worked with ingredients of my beloved composer Henri Dutilleux.


Live recording, Richardo Barbosa – oboe, Masako Egushi – piano

Hercules - children’s musical

Hercules – children’s musical

I wrote Musical Hercules for the Music School F. A. Sporck and the 65th anniversary of the school. Opera was in the context of act Sporck Persona Baroque. .

1. Overtura - komorní - Full Score-page-001 4. Píseň Herkula - komorní - Full Score-page-001

Muzikál Herkules, kino Lysá nad Labem 2013, účinkuje ZUŠ F.A.Šporka

Hercules – Daniel Klán

Thorns in veil - picture for narrator, mixed choir and orchestra

Thorns in veil – picture for narrator, mixed choir and orchestra

My largest composition on Bohuslav Reynek’s texts was created for the festival Prague Premieres. In 2017 I decided to radically shortened to one-movement orchestral work. Quotes from personal letters, fragments of poetry and prose produced portrait of a man with all his doubting,
its vulnerability and courage.

Ostny v závoji I. - Full Score-page-001Ostny v závoji I. - Full Score-page-002

Narrator Filip Sychra, CRSO and Kühn mixed choir conducted by Jiří Malát

Concerto for harp and orchestra

Concerto for harp and orchestra

Concerto is dedicated to famous Czech harpist Jana Boušková and Stadtisches Orchester Bremerhaven. After world premiere in 2009 I reworked second movement

Koncert 1 Koncert 2

Studio recording with Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Pavel Trojan jr.

Documentary of Czech TV about making of Concerto for harp and orchestra.

Xcape - piano trio

Xcape – piano trio

Xcape was written in 2012 for the Czech-Luxembourg ensemble Alea trio. Xcape – in this case escape myself…

TRIO 1 - Full Score-page-001  TRIO 5 - Full Score-page-006

Live recording from Czech premiere in Luft cinema

Letter to father - concerto for flute and orchestra

Letter to father – concerto for flute and orchestra

The song was on the order of the International Prague Spring Festival in 2011-2012 and it’s dedicated for flutist Roman Novotný. Concerto uses autobiographical musical motifs, fwhich I found during work in the old note book.

III - Full Score-page-007 II - Full Score-page-011

Live recording from world premiere by Czech TV

Interview in live-broadcasting in Czech Radio

Review in Czech TV

album 2

With soloist Roman Novotný

Sonnet 90 - for countertenor and 2 guitars

Sonnet 90

Song for countertenor and guitarist (two different tuning instruments) on 90th sonnet by Williama Shakespeare
is written for countertenor Jana Mikuška.

Sonet 90 - Full Score-page-001 Sonet 90 - Full Score-page-003

Live recording from world premiere in Luft cinema

Song for Victoria - string quartet No. 1

Song for Victoria – string quartet No. 1

I wrote my first string quartet for incredible ensemble Sedláček Quartet.

smyčcový kvartet - Full Score-page-001 smyčcový kvartet - Full Score-page-002

Recording by Czech Radio


Sedláček quartet

Déjà vu - in memoriam Maurice Ravel for violin and piano

Déja vu – in memoriam Maurice Ravel

Michal Sedláček – violin, Veronika Böhmová – piano

Deja vu - Full Score-page-003 Deja vu - Full Score-page-002

"Souvrať" - song cycle on Vít Slíva’s poems

„Souvrať“ – song cycle on Vít Slíva’s poems

Song cycle I wrote for famous baryton singer Josef Škarka on the occasion of the International Singer Festival of Antonín Dvořák.

Souvrať 1 - Full Score-page-001 Souvrať 2 - Full Score-page-001

Studio recording of Czech Radio: Josef Škarka – voice, Richard Pohl – piano

Ela, Hela and stop - one-act opera on text by Václav Havel

Ela, Hela and stop – one-act opera on text by Václav Havel

Opera was written for Opera Diversa ensemble. Sketch by Václav Havel is a brilliant parody on the devaluation of the words.
I used music as much as possible to support of the temporytmus of speaking and „painting“ of picturesque characters.

Partitura - obsazení - Full Score-page-001  Partitura - 1. část - Full Score-page-001

Five characteristic pieces for oboe and piano

Five characteristic pieces

Composition was written for my friend Jan Thuri and his wife Megumi Thuri Yamada.

Pět charakteistických kusů pro hoboj a klavír 2 - Full Score-page-001Pět charakteistických kusů pro hoboj a klavír 4 - Full Score-page-002

Studio recording by Vilém Veverka and Daniel Wiesner.

Labyrinth - sonata for harpsichord

Labyrinth – sonata for harpsichord

I wrote this piece inspirated by Sigmund Freud for famous Czech harpsichordist Monika Knoblochová.

Labyrint 1. věta - Full Score-page-001Labyrint 3. věta - Full Score-page-002

Aquarell - music for animation film

Aquarelle – music for animation film

Half past hour of film music is written for my friend film maker Steve Shaw.

Akvarel - Full Score-page-001 Akvarel - Full Score-page-002

Czech painter Tamara Vančurová created this Picture on my film music


Small sonata for oboe and piano

Small sonata for oboe and piano

Small sonata is inspirated by Jan Skácel’s short poem, is dedicated to Czech oboist Jan Thuri.

Hobojová sonáta 1 - Full Score-page-001   Hobojová sonáta 3 - Full Score-page-001

Monolith - concerto for wind orchestra and percussions

Monolith – concerto for wind orchestra and percussions

I. Fanfare, Intrada, II. Nocturno, III. Metronome, IV. Finale, Epilog

Monolith is dedcated to the student wind orchestra in South Bohemia for competition Concerto Bohemia, cond. Zdeněk Zavičák.

To be a poet - lyrical triptych for piano

To be a poet – lyrical triptych for piano

Triptych is honour to my one of most lovely poets – Jaroslav Seifert

Býti básníkem - Full Score-page-001 Býti básníkem - Full Score-page-009


Preludio, Intermezzo and Toccata (for piano)

Preludio, Intermezzo and Toccata

I wrote this virtuoso composition for great Czech pianist Veronika Böhmová.

Preludium, intermezzo, toccata - Full Score-page-001 Preludium, intermezzo, toccata - Full Score-page-007