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The authorial guitar concerts by Lukáš Sommer is a unique musical project that is gaining attention across genres.
The specific guitar technique is derived partly from the school of classical guitar, and partly from the philosophy of yoga and meditation.
In addition to classical concerts, Sommer often engages in interdisciplinary and multi-genre projects.
Lukáš Sommer plays an instrument from Czech luthier Richard Hruš.
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A separate chapter in Sommer’s music is his unique author’s guitar recitals, comprising around 20 opuses. Each recital originates as a time-lapse documentary; each song has a specific story of origin, which is often associated with different Czech luthier tools.

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List of works (selection)

Calm - fantasy on Vít Slíva’s poem

Meeting with Slíva’s poetry started work on several compositions in neo-impressionisn style.

With poet Vít Slíva

With poet Vít Slíva

Calm was my first performance in this composition line.

LISTEN new version with Ivan Boreš

Windsurfing - hommaje a Pavel Steidl

I wrote a playful song as a tribute to my friend, the genius guitarist Pavel Steidl

With Pavlem Steidlem

With Pavel Steidl

Live performance on Balkony TV

Brocen chord - one man show on František Ledderer

5 Preludes for guitar

Preludes originates as a time-lapse documentary, everyone has a specific story of origin, which is often associated with different Czech luthier tools.

I. Ommagio a Jan Kaplický, II. Don’t leave me, III. Por caminos de Sagunto, IV. Savana!, V. Were we? 

Live performance of first preludium

CD recording of fifth preludium

Regina Coeli

Regina is the memory of the man who change my life very deeply and his death left sadness.

Part of the history of the track is also a manuscript

Suite in old style

My homage to Czech Lutenists (Červenka, Losy).

Ouvertura, Menuet, Fugue, Sarabanda, Madrigal


Second letter to Father

Live performance in Guitar progress Night (2014)


In 2015, the prestigious publishing house William recording released his current CD Savana, which summarizes his previous compositional style. Noteworthy are the songs the 5 Preludes, Calm, The Legend of Victoria or Second Letter to Father.



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